About us

The Leeds Multidisciplinary Research Tissue Bank (RTB) was given favourable ethical opinion by the Leeds (East) Research Ethics Committee on 3rd March 2010 (Ethics ref: 10/H1306/7). The RTB has evolved from activities undertaken within the Clinical Biomedical Proteomics Group in the CR-UK Centre in Leeds. These activities largely focussed on collection of samples relating to kidney disease, kidney transplant and acute kidney injury.  The RTB has recently broadened to support wider activities within the Leeds CR-UK Centre and now collects and stores clinical samples from a number of other disease areas including colorectal cancer, neuro-oncology, ovarian cancer and bladder cancer. An overview of our sample collection can be found here.


The Joint Research Tissue Bank (RTB) Management committee has been established to manage and develop the Leeds Multidisciplinary and Leeds NIHR Biomarker Research Tissue Banks in terms of best practice. The committee will ensure that: